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NEW One of a kind REALISTIC looking car part tattoos! Carttoos™

Temporary tattoos usually start to come off in about a day or so. These are so realistic looking and if you take care of them, will last for 1-2 weeks+.

I will be adding more car parts to the list soon.

Turbo Tattoo 2.75"

-Skin should be clean and dry, free of oils or makeup. (free of hair too)
-Starting from the tab, remove the clear top sheet
-With your skin as flat as possible without stretching your skin, place the tattoo firmly and press down.
-Use a paper towel soaked with cold water, and hold firmly against tattoo until the paper backing slides off by itself.
-Pat the tattoo with the paper towel to flatten any gaps, etc
-Allow to dry for 5 minutes
-Once dry, you can dust some baby powder or cornstarch on, to give an even more realistic look.

-Avoid friction such as clothing, and humidity for the first 2-4 hours
-Avoid direct contact with soaps and oils
-Always pat dry, never rub.