Hex Nut Car Part Charm Bracelet

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  • These cute hex nut bracelets are perfect for the modern day Motorsport enthusiast! 

    This bracelet can fit up to 15 charms. 

    For custom sizes, please fill out the contact form.

    Charm Options:
    - Option#1
    : Fully Custom Bracelet (Plain Bracelet/ No Charms)
    Please order your charms for this option here: Charm Listing

    - Option#2: All Charms
    (except: Rotary, Piston, Lexus Logo, Spark Plug, Jeep Grills, Street Bikes)

    - Option#3: Driver’s Bracelet
    Turbo, Car Keys & Remote, Steering Wheel, Gear, Stoplight, Wrench, Mini Racecar

    - Option#4: Mechanic’s Special
    Wrench, Crescent Wrench, Hex Nut, Spark Plug, Heart Gear, Piston, Screwdriver

    - Option#5: Track Edition
    Racing Seat, Turbo, Racing Flag, Wheel / Tire, Mini Racecar, Stoplight, Wrench

    - Option#6: Rotary Lover
    Rotary, Steering Wheel, Car Keys & Remote, Mini Racecar, Gear, Wrench, Hex Nut

    This bracelet can fit up to 15 charms, and you can purchase extra from this listing Charm Listing.
    If you do not order charms to go with Option#1, you will receive a plain bead bracelet with no charms.

    ** If ordering more than one bracelet or charm option item,
    please leave in notes which charms go on which pieces. **

    Dimensions & Materials:
    - 7inch Length 
    - Stainless Steel

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