Kid's Co-Pilot Steering Wheel Toy

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  •  Introducing the Kid's Co-Pilot Steering Wheel Toy - Because Childhood Should Be a Wild Ride!🌟 Now, your little one can cruise alongside you in the car or from the child seat in the back! Embark on thrilling adventures anywhere they please.

    Size: 8in x 8in

    ***x2 AA batteries - not included

    🔒 Suction-Cup Security: Stick it wherever you please. Just like adult responsibilities, it's removable when needed.

    🎶 Noises Galore: Engine roars, honks, sirens, and ambulance sounds - teaching them about life's chaos early on.

    👶 Tiny Hands, Big Adventures: Grip-friendly for those destined to take over the world, one play session at a time.

    🏁 Limited Stock: Get it now, before your kid realizes adulting is no joyride.

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