Love Letter Necklace

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  • Introducing our 'Love Letter Car Part' necklace – because nothing says romance like pistons, wrenches, and the sweet symphony of an exhaust. Crafted for those who find poetry in the scent of motor oil and passion in the hum of an engine.

    🖤 Material: Stainless steel, sterling silver: because love should be as resilient as your rusty muffler.

    💔 Limited Edition: Like fleeting romances, grab yours before it's gone. Because heartbreaks are temporary, but questionable choices are forever.

    💕 Embrace the Auto Love: Get ready to rev up your love life – or at least your accessory game.

    Because true love is as complicated as a car engine, and just as likely to break down. 🖤🔧


    Pendant:1in x.5in

    Length: 23in

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