Mother & Daughter Car Part Charm Bracelet

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  • Custom made Mother & Daughter Car Part Charm Bracelets
    These cute other half heart necklaces are perfect for MOM or Mother & Daughter!

    Each bracelet fits 13 charms (other than the Mother/ Daughter charm).

    Charm Options:
    - Option#1
    : Fully Custom Bracelet (Plain Bracelet/ No Charms)
    Please order your charms for this option here: Charm Listing

    - Option#2Driver’s Bracelet
    Turbo, Car Keys & Remote, Steering Wheel, Gear, Stoplight, Wrench, Mini Racecar

    - Option#3: Mechanic’s Special
    Wrench, Crescent Wrench, Hex Nut, Spark Plug, Heart Gear, Piston, Screwdriver

    - Option#4: Track Edition
    Racing Seat, Turbo, Racing Flag, Wheel / Tire, Mini Racecar, Stoplight, Wrench

    - Option#5: Rotary Lover
    Rotary, Steering Wheel, Car Keys & Remote, Mini Racecar, Gear, Wrench, Hex Nut

    This bracelet can fit up to 13 charms, and you can purchase extra from this listing Charm Listing.

    ** Please find all Charm Options & Availability in the separate Charm Listing **
    ** Single Charms sold separately **

    !! NOTE: !!
    If you don't purchase any other charms, you will receive the plain bracelets with the 'Mother' and 'Daughter' charms only.

    Dimensions & Materials:
    - Bracelet: approx. 7in length, Sterling Silver
    - Pendants: Sterling Silver

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