Piston Wrench Sparkplug Vinyl Record Clock

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  • 🔧 Piston Wrench Sparkplug Vinyl Record Clock

    Time to rev up your décor with our Piston Wrench Sparkplug Vinyl Record Clock – because even time can have a spark! 🕰️ This 12in x 12in masterpiece is crafted from vinyl, making it the ultimate gearhead's delight.

    ⚙️ Special Features: Silent Clock - Unlike your car engine, this clock won't make a peep. Perfect for contemplative moments or to avoid ticking-off the neighbors.

    🛠️ Shape: Round, Crown Shape: Flat - Just like your favorite flathead pistons, this clock sports a sleek round design.

    🔋 Battery Powered - Fuel it up with a single AA battery (not included, because who needs more surprises?).

    🎸 Material: Vinyl - Because rock and roll meet gearhead soul in this one-of-a-kind timepiece.

    Limited quantity available, so grab yours now and let time spark! ⏰🔧 

    Size: 12in x 12in
    Material: Vinyl
    Special Features: Silent Clock
    Shape: Round
    Crown Shape: Flat
    Power Source: Battery Powered
    Power Supply: Dry Battery Power
    Battery Quantity: 1 Piece
    Battery Type: AA Battery
    Battery not included
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