Turbo Princess (Alpha Princess) Necklace

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  • These one of a kind Alpha Princess (Turbo Princess) necklaces are perfect for the modern automotive lover! Purchase one plain, or add a crystal of your choosing!

    In making this purchase, you're not only supporting 1 small business, you're also supporting the Alpha Princess - Brooke Berini - a fellow female drag racer's program!

    Brooke has been an absolute inspiration to many young women and people in general over the years. She is the definition of driven, literally and figuratively, ambitious and absolutely deserving of all the success that she's had this far!

    I'm excited to be able to give to her program and see how she continues to grow!

    Dimensions & Materials:
    - Necklace: 18in, Sterling Silver
    - Turbo: 13mm, Sterling Silver

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