Wheel of Time Vinyl Record Wall Clock

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  • 🕰️ Wheel of Time Vinyl Record Clock: Because Time Waits for No One (Especially You!)

    Tick-tock, life's a cruel joke, but your clock doesn't have to be! Introducing our "Wheel of Time" Vinyl Record Clock - the perfect blend of dark humor and timeless style.

    Silent ASF: Just like the eerie silence of impending doom. No ticking - just the quiet contemplation of your life choices.

    🌀 Eternal Reminder: Watch time spin mercilessly, just like your existential crisis.

    💔 Upcycled Vinyl: Our clocks are as recycled as your New Year's resolutions. Each piece carries the soul of a bygone melody, now ticking away the moments of your existence.

    🤣 Laughs Included: Because if you can't laugh at the relentless march of time, you might as well turn it into a stylish home decor piece.

    🎉 Makes a Perfect Gift: Ideal for the friend who needs a daily reminder that life is a cosmic joke.

    🏎️ Limited Edition: Time's running out, and so is our stock! Grab yours before it becomes a relic of the past.

    Size: 12in x 12in
    Material: Vinyl
    Special Features: Silent Clock
    Shape: Round
    Crown Shape: Flat
    Power Source: Battery Powered
    Power Supply: Dry Battery Power
    Battery Quantity: 1 Piece
    Battery Type: AA Battery
    Battery not included
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